Luxury Wood Planking Designs

Get the luxurious look of a wood floor without the issues of scratches and water that is associated with traditional hard wood floors.  See all the colors and styles. Some are available with interlocking ends for easy installation.


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We at Carpet Court feel that making an informed choice about flooring is very important use this web site to assist you with the process of choosing a floor. We are independent from any manufacture thus we can provide you unbiased information based on our tests and opinions. This web site is for research, information, color and pattern selection.


Wouldn’t you love for your kitchen to feel luxurious?

You can achieve it for a fraction of the price you might have imagined. A luxurious home environment can be yours with sheet and tile options. Within this site you will find many different styles of flooring that add appeared value to your home with many different benefits. Not only is Luxury Flooring a great price but it can give your room a sense of style.




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Why Luxury Flooring?

1. Less Downtime: One of the best things about Luxury Sheet and Tile Flooring is that you often can’t take it out of its packaging and lay it on your floor right away. With some flooring, you’ve got to let it get used to it’s new environment, and let the boards acclimate.

2. Easy Installation: Luxury  Flooring is now made for the less experienced installer. You don’t need as much experience due to advancement in technology, although some basic skills will help.

3. Seamless: Some Luxury Flooring can be installed in a single piece, depending on the area it is being installed. Other just appear to be seamless.

4. Less Mess: Many of the floors today are installed without the adhesives that created a problem in the past and thus it is a cleaner installation.

5. Basic Tools: With just a utility knife to cut the Luxury Flooring to size, pencil and a measuring tape you can install many of these floors.

You can find Plank Flooring at many different retail locations throughout the United States and many other Countries.

Carpet Court can also provide you with excellent prices and service, feel free to contact us at (651) 774-3321 for the best prices for orders (over 200 sqft)  If you are in our service area (Mpls/St. Paul Metro Area – Minnesota) feel free to stop into our showroom.

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